Clone Drone in the Danger Zone – How to Win at Last Bot Standing

Tips to Win at Last Bot Standing

How to get easy free wins with 0.000001 braincell required! even the least skilled players can win!

  1. Use your 4 starting upgrade points to buy the upgrade “Fire Sword II” this upgrade has been the meta for the longest time! If you touch somebody once with your sword (doesn’t matter how you hit them) they die! This upgrade is super braindead and takes zero skill to use!
  2. Camp! Who says you gotta fight? Thats right, just camp out the game! Run from any fights! Let the other people beat each other while you do nothing! Worst case: you have to fight somebody in the final zone, just blindly swing your sword and hope it gets a hit!
  3. Become the most wins player in the game (trust me all the pros use this strat).

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