Civilization VI – How to Do a Domination Victory with Teddy, Settler Difficulty

Victory Tips

About Victories

  • Science victory will always be slow just by the way its set up….you can still “rush” it, but if you’re rushing science far enough ahead of everyone else, you can win with any method.
  • Score victory is obviously always slow – by definition it only happens at 2050.
  • Culture victory will almost always be very slow unless you build a stupidly dominant tourism machine and crimp the culture progression of the strongest culture civs (trade their great works away, stifle their cities, declare war, raze their theater districts, then go for peace, etc.)….then it will only be kinda slow.
  • Diplomatic victory is usually slow, and also dependent on meeting the right people and dependent on aid requests. You can kinda cheese out the win early on a diplomatic victory by getting yourself kinda high on points (an understanding of what the ai likes to pick in the congress helps…just vote for what they tend to vote for to get early points). Get to around 12-16 points and use aid requests and the statue of liberty to push you over the edge for the win before the next congress.
  • Domination victory is easiest, but you have to get to them. If they’re across the ocean, you have a lot more work to raise a technologically modern force, get cartography, move the whole force across, and then take enough cities quickly enough (they probably have walls by now) to not run afoul of loyalty. Civs nearby and on the same continent can be rushed….just focus units instead of infrastructure, and play conservatively with your units….don’t trade them….back up injured units to heal up and bring fresh new units to keep fighting.
  • Religious victory is my favorite one to rush. On maps of small or standard (6-8 total civs) you can easily win before flight if you really push it. Focus on converting their holy city so its pressure works for you. Get apostles nearby and save them when they’re at one charge to snipe down enemy missionaries and apostles. If you focus on the big boy religion spreaders holy cities first, then any cities they have with holy districts, then you’ve crippled or completely killed their ability to fight back religiously. Don’t do a “nibble around the edge” approach with their fringe cities first. Proselytizer and translator (and debator) promotions for apostles are big.

General Tips to Winning

  • Make more settlers and more cities.
  • No. More than that.
  • Getting closer. Seriously, this isn’t civ 5, there’s no drawback to a ton of cities. Only benefits. Even a crappy size 4 tundra city could supply amenities, generate some faith or culture or science, or churn out some units.

Note: Seriously, spamming cities is the #1 most effective tactic. The AI will easily drop cities faster the first several turns on high difficulty, but they almost always slow settling to a trickle after a little bit, leaving lots of great land open for expansion….number of cities is a direct representation of your power, and well-organized cities enhance that further).

  • Don’t skimp on faith generation. Even a nonreligious civ wants some faith for naturalists or rock bands, or for land units with one of the gov’t district buildings.
  • Screw over your neighbors early so that you’re in a position to screw them over later. Declare surprise wars to steal their unescorted settler. Say “F*** off” to their requests to not settle near. Get their open borders without giving yours to block them in. Convert their holy city right away. Doing this early means those people you haven’t met yet aren’t pissed at how you treat others, and you can force favorable peace terms and behave for a while and make a buddy, or push on and grab a city or two, or kill a competitor.
  • Learn agendas, make friends, make alliances, and keep them. If you’re not going domination, then you should be making as many alliances as possible without compromising your strategy (no cultural alliance if going for a tourism victory…don’t make a religious alliance with a religious rival). Allies deter wars, letting you maintain and build way less units, they can get some great trade route perks, and people who like you give you a lot more for excess luxury and strategic resources. If you do go to war, be sure to drag all your friends and allies in. That way you can trade them stuff for the war long after you’ve made peace.
  • If not doing domination, trade off your excess strategic resources. Friendly ai will pay 5-10 gold per turn for 20 of a strategic resource much of the time….if you’re generating 8 per turn….you can explode your gold growth.
  • Most governors like moving around. Liang and Magnus and Pingala often stay put, but the others get moved a lot to take advantage of increased loyalty, gold or faith cost districts (Try Khmer with a max level bishop governor….make a new city and instantly build all the districts you need 5 turns later).
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