Choo-Choo Charles – How to Survive the Monster in the Swamp

Tips to Survive the Swamp Monster

In Short

You stop moving.

The monster moves randomly, if its a bit away, you move but stop.

No rush anyway, Charles cant get you.

In Details

When i did it, i catched the fish, then jumped back into water (i didnt see the monster before because its just some water puddling around), noticed it was a metre from me so i stopped.

It then moved away a bit, so i moved forward whereas it turned back and headed to my position, so i stopped.

It came close, then went away a bit again, rince repeat.

At some points, it was even directly on my position several times.

But as long as you dont move, it cant do anything apparently.

I had Charles start a hunt 3 times during that section (because i needed like 6 or so minutes to get back to the other side) and he didnt come to me but was moving around the lake, not through it.

So i assumed he cant.

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  1. He can go through it. YouTuber Drae(gast) first CCC vid from a few years ago shows Charles rushing him mid lake

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