Chivalry 2 – Combat Mechanics Tips

Tips to Combat Mechanics

When i use kick my opponent hitting me with his weapon even he get kicked like nothing happened how is this possible?

  • Kick only stuns if the opponent is blocking. If the opponent is attacking you then kick does nothing but minor damage. Attack counters kicks.

How to get rid of multiple enemies

  • You want to avoid fights against multiple players of equal skill (i.e. players that don’t spam horizontals for easy counters). If your fighting against noobs riposting or counterattacking and dragging will make short work of multiple combatants. You can also dodge between them to make them hit each other.

When time you should use kick, alt attack or jab what is their advantage or disadvantages

  • Kick is to counter block. Jab is to counter attack. Alt attack just changes your animation and allows you to feint. Useful in some circumstances like getting a counter if you have a faster weapon.

How to defeat fastest weapons at duel

  • Faster weapons typically have lower damage. Just block and smack them.

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