Chained Echoes – Tips to Beat Sky Armour Fight

Sky Armour Battle

  • Greatsword, Bowgun <— Seraph from side quest for 50k Arc.
  • Sword & Shield, Support Drones.
  • Greatsword, Elemental Cannon.
  • Glaive, Attack Drones.

Normal Battle

  • Lenne – Glenne, buff/debuffer with Lenne using Light Coat (Rune Knight) and Glenn with All Break.
  • Sienna – Robb, Sienna max crit dmg dealer with Gambler emblem and crit up maximised, team crit buff, Robb as debuffer with paralyze and silence (toxic and poison too).
  • Mikah – Egyll, I have used only Mikah, though, for tiger combo -> full bloom, but mainly for the ultimate – the ultimate combined with poison hit, toxic hit, light coat and HP drain alongside the full bloom stuff is my main damage output.
  • Baktraz – Amalia, mainly Amalia in full healer mode with Cres maxed out for shielding passives.

The normal battle is much easier with Glenn having overdrive control thanks to restrain, and the light coating which makes every attack a weakness of the final battle.

Tactic is straightforward: glass cannon Mikah and Sienna supported with debuff, buff and healing, Crit chance 50% and maximised attack values.

Mikahs Agi is so high, that she and Sienna usually attack twice before the boss…

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