Cars – Cheat Codes

A collection of cheat passwords for the Cars game is provided in this article. Please leave a comment if you have a cheat you’d like to contribute to us.

How to Enter Cheats

Entre them via Main Menu – > Options – > Cheats.

All Cheat Codes


  • CONC3PT – Unlock all Concept Art.
  • IF900HP – Unlock all Mini-Games.
  • R4MONE – Unlock all Paint Jobs.
  • YAYCARS – Unlock all Characters.
  • WATCHIT – Unlock all Movie Clips.
  • MATTL66 – Unlock all Road Races and Piston Cup Races.
  • TRGTEXC – Unlock Mater’s Speedy Circuit and Mater’s Countdown Cleanup.
  • IMSPEED – Faster Acceleration across all Racing Modes.
  • VROOOOM – Unlimited Boost.

Profile Names

  • CHMPION – Unlock Hard Story Mode.

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