Bugsnax – How to Transfer Saves from Epic to Steam

This guide will show you how to transfer your saves from Epic to Steam.

Guide to Transfer Saves from Epic to Steam

The Question is…

Main question of the players: is there a way to transfer my save file from the Epic store so i can play the DLC without starting a new game?

About Save Game Files

The saves are saved in the same place:

  • C:\Users[User name]\Saved Games\Bugsnax

So you could install the Epic one and get the cloud save and it should theoretically just work and share the save (just make sure you maybe copy anything in that folder to backup first in case steam or epic asks you to sync and you upload an empty new save to replace your old save!

If you have already installed the Steam version and started a new game it will have created a save so if that’s the case and you dont have the Epic version currently installed, delete that folder before installing the epic version to make sure the epic one will not ask you to sync the steam save over your epic one if that makes sense.

What if you have both versions installed

Will the achievs pop on Steam if you 100% the epic version?

Many will, but any action-oriented ones will require redoing. I want to say we auto trigger missable ones at Snaxburg.

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