Broken Pieces – All Souvenirs Locations

The list of classic 1990s items that can be found all across Saint-Exil can be found here. These items have no special use.

For the Souvenir Souvenir Achievement to be successful, all of its objects must be collected.

Souvenir Souvenir Achievement Guide

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  • Description: A small toy strangely resembling Élise.
  • Location: In the scriptorium at Church.


  • Description: The famous chips of the Chipstos brand. The Chipstos Commercial cassette promotes this famous brand established in the region of Saint-Exil.
  • Location: In the Panier à Crabes restaurant at Beach.


  • Description: A chewing-gum case as fluorescent as it is chemical in taste.
  • Location: In the Dereau House garden at Beach.

Pattern Game

  • Description: The famous game that tests your memory skills.
  • Location: in the storage room at Church.

Rubik’s Cube

  • Description: This game needs no introduction. Can be found in all children’s rooms.
  • Location: During the Nico The Robot mission. (3 tokens)


  • Description: Pair of glasses as cheesy as they are unique.
  • Location: Inside a shelf at the Flower House.


  • Description: The friend of all school children who needed assistance for an exam…
  • Location: In the attic of the Elise’s House.

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