Bravery and Greed – Tactics for the Zhur Gor’od (Flying Demon)

Tactics for the Necropolis Boss

Some of players have discussed about this boss fight, here is what they have said:

One player suggest picking this dungeon first, as difficulty will be lowered.

“For “stage 1” i generally pick the hardest area for my build so I can.

  1. Do it early before things start scaling.
  2. So if I die I don’t waste as much time on a failed run.”

Another player prefers to build around this boss and keep it for last:

“This is a tough fight with amazon for sure, i like to run chaos and go at the necropolis last with as much ignore pain stacked as i can helps to tank the bubbles”

One also describes how they manage to deal with him:

“When I fight Zhur, I charge him with the up attack and then down attack. When Zhur is using the screech attack or after he ground pounds, those are perfect opportunities to combo attack. Try your hardest not to get hit with those attacks and you’ll melt through him. Try rolling to avoid the bubbles or get some boots that keep you in the air longer (icarus boots, cloud jump, 3x jump/dash). I feel like I’m better at timing rolling than timing the parry. But again, it depends on your playstyle, gear, and perks you have”

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