BloodRayne 2: Terminal Cut – Cheat Codes

This guide contains all the cheat codes for the BloodRayne 2: Terminal Cut game. You can also learn how to activate multiple cheats at once.

Cheat Codes

Go to the Extras Section select Enter Cheat and then enter the codes listed below:

  • 1,000 Carnage Points – Cargo Fire Imp Kak
  • 1,000 Gun Points – Late Nurture Qweef Super
  • All Combos – Bone This Curry Vote
  • All FMV Sequences – Pension Reap Super Vulgar
  • All Gun Modes – Whiskey Fake Kablow Shoot
  • All Powers – Blank Ugly Pustule Eater
  • Alternate Outfits – Whack Lick Erotic Cunningly
  • Gratuitous Dismemberment – Dodge This Moist Pimp
  • Fill Bloodlust – Naked Juggy Resistance Pacy
  • Freeze Enemies – Blue Green Purple Imp
  • God Mode – Uber Taint Joad Durf Kwis
  • Infinite Ammo – Ugly Dark Heated Orange Quaff
  • Infinite Rage – Pimp Reap Dark Dark Muse
  • Level Select – Anomalies Are Juan Insulated
  • Master Code – Want This Dark Reality Taint Qweef
  • Overload Mode – This Dark Distorted Reality
  • Refill Ammunition – Whack This Molested Ninja
  • Restore Health – Nurture Happy Pustule Erasure
  • Slideshows – Aredent Hungry Naked Ninja
  • Time Factor – Quantum Lamentdistorted Doting
  • Unlimited Health – Terminal Reality Super Uber XXX Vacate

Hidden Messages from Devs

If you put this into the cheat window, you will see hidden messages from developers.

  • Rayne Rules
  • Majesco Rules
  • Terminal Reality Rules

How to Activate Multiple Cheats at Once

This saves you from putting in the cheats every time you play.

Go to where the game is located in your computer:

  • Default – C:\Program Files\BloodRayne2\system

Then go to the System folder. Double open Rayne file in any text editor and scroll to the very bottom, there should be something like this:


To activate Godmode change the 0 to a 1 and for UnlimitedAmmo change the 0 to a 1.

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