BLACKTAIL – Combat Tips

You feels like everything wants to charge into melee with you and you don’t have anything to deal with that problem since as far as you can tell you don’t have a melee attack? Then this guide is for you.

Tips to Combat

Range is your friend. Remember, your arrows travel faster than the enemies projectiles. Use your dash frequently to keep space. If enemies get close, I usually use my hocus (the Good side one specifically is amazing for it).

With the exception of the “leader” versions of the little guys, 2 mana bars will kill any of them. The good hocus is aoe, so it makes clearly those waves extremely easy.

Dash is your friend. Also some skills make it easier. You will also get a helpful item. Oh and you can run without stamina… So just run away if it gets too hot. It is not fleeing, it is tactical retreat.

Also you run faster when your weapon isn’t out.

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