Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration – How to Get the Slay the Dragon Achievement in Haunted House

Slay the Dragon Achievement Guide

Slay the Dragon can be found on Cabin stage. Lights on will have to be selected first in main menu. You will also have to be in third person view and not overhead. There is a room on 3rd floor with a colorful rug and directly opposite Yars’ mural you will see part of the dragon.

You will have to reach this room rather quickly before lights go out, which if they do restart stage. Touching ghost turns lights off as well so be careful. Anyways, once in that room stay in that room. You will have to to stand on rectangle in floor with arrow next to Yars’ art and move in such a way to align the head of the dragon with bottom half in next room.

You will hear a certain sound if you are in correct position which will indicate to hold it there. After a little bit the dragon shows on screen as full and achievement pops.

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