Astro Colony – Seed Codes for Planetoids

What Exactly Are Planetoids?

Planetoids are celestial bodies (bigger asteroids or small planets) made out of voxels allowing to mine resources and setting your new Astro Colony on them.

Generated procedurally in the Visible Universe (like visible chunks in Minecraft). When you move you discover more and more with different shapes, biomes and minerals.

They serve as a foundation for construction so you can build directly on them.

Currently Possible Biomes:

  • Gravel
  • Mud
  • Ice
  • Volcanic
  • Sand
  • Moss

Best Astro Colony Seeds

Seed: 101

Gives you 10 starter planetoids (two uranium 1000+ each and other).

Seed: 36gse43ds568

9 nearby planets. 2 of which has 1000+ units of copper for early boost.

Seed: 69

6 Planetoids with the following deposits of Anorthite on them:

  • Lycina = 1,056
  • Dolphus = 662
  • Eridanus II = 1,510
  • Beleriand = 421
  • Spaztopia = 377
  • Seiiki = 391

Seed: 951500

12 planettoids:

  • Alum = 1097
  • Alum = 2283

Seed: 669388

12 planetoids with this beauty:

Seed: 1521

27K Uranium deposit!

Seed: 161

Alot of resource!

Seed: 7300

Alot of resource!

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