Asterigos: Curse of the Stars – How to Get the 7th Music/Song Inspiration Item

Means the one in between “Hymn of Ethrus” (item: Prayer of Ethrus) and “Fleeting Days” (Item: Gift for Marrisa). Warning! There might be spoilers.

Guide to Get the 7th Music/Song Inspiration Item

The Song

It’s a beautiful song “The City of Stars”.


It requires several steps:

  1. Gain Starlight’s trust.
  2. Get a comedies collection from a writer in Arges Bazaar by providing him stardusts.
  3. Exchange the comedies collection with Starlight to get a book of poems.
  4. Give the poems to a poet outside of Laurel Mansion to get a gift.
  5. Give the gift to Marrisa.

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