Ascend: Reborn – Tips to Fight Biggies

How to Defeat Ogre Brute and Others

Here are a few tips to know how to handle this kind of mob (ogre brute or other big hp pool enemies):

  1. Start blocking and cast a spell while holding block will make you skip the stagger animation.
  2. Try to put some rune like lightning and explosion because each proc will stagger big unit.
  3. Ionized bold is the messiah on interrupting bigger enemies for undefendable attacks since it’s cheap recharge fast and you get a few cast available when upgraded.
  4. Don’t forget to kill everything around before to commit to the big guy.

With that you should be able to breeze through bigger boss and “pvp” too.

I like the way the first spell of each faith become viable until late game like this.

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