ARK: Survival Evolved – How to Tame Carcharodontosaurus Dino

New Carcharodontosaurus Dino

I just tamed my very first carcha on Fjordur. I trapped it (use large bear trap, and metal gateways). I fed it with rhinos until it allowed me to ride him. I had 2 issues: carcha bit me 1x and there was very few rexes (carcha can’t hurt magmasaurs). That was all!

It’s very weird the tame timer goes down fast, I had 500 seconds, yet managed to tame it (I’m thinking to use unclaimed brontos to “fight” for the next one). Maybe you should check your server’s settings. My game also uses the fastest tame time.

Dragging rhinos worked pretty well for me, my 85 carcha became friendly after I gave him 2 rhinos.

Clearing the area and luring the beast into the trap seems the best way to tame it.

I really hoped these infos are helpful! Good luck with and have fun!

P.S. I waited hours for them to spawn, looks like the volcano is their spot.

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