ARK: Survival Evolved – Early Game Tips

Some hints from my side.

Starting Tips for Newcomers

  • Learn to know which dinos are dangerous and which are not.
  • Some people like to play it safe (stay at initial spot until lvl 50 – level your run speed first) – there are many different play styles possible. I only did put 10 points into speed – none into crafting, food, water (playing on “the island”). My idea was: kill stuff, that likes to kill you (currently 500 HP, 300% melee). Just recently killed my first alpha raptor solo with melee weapons.
  • After getting some basic tools and a first shelter, start taming. recommended first tames: Dilophosaur (get a few) – maybe a Parasaur / Iguanadon / Triceratops as your first rideable mount.
  • Get a first flyer – usually a Pteranodon – can easily be tamed once you have a bola.
  • Get some tames to harvest resources quickly: Stegosaurus is good for wood/thatch, Doedicurus for stone, Ankylosaurus for metal.
  • Maybe get an Argy – after that you have the “swiss army knife” in Ark – good aerial transport, with good stats a respectable fighter, that can take down any alpha.
  • Finally explore the oceans / caves in Ark and kill the bosses.

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