Arcana of Paradise: The Tower – Enemy Cards Info

Enemy Cards Information [Spoiler]

No.0 Fool

Find a Fountain and select the option to drink water. There is a chance you will rest and get one of your cards stolen (you get to select the card).

The next time you find a fountain, select to pretend to be asleep.

No.1 Magician

Use Magic Mirror after you defeated him, and during 2nd encounter with him, he will sucker punch you and fight you, win him to get his card.

No.2 High Priestess

Give her an upside-down Healing Herb.

No.3 Empress

Use the ‘star seal’ card on the darkness floor where you can hear a beast snoozing.

No.4 Emperor

Help Pyromancer cook his meat by giving him a card with fire. E.g. Torch, Grilled Meat, Fireburst, Fireseal.

He will then give you Grilled Meat. (Provided both your characters actually eat meat!)

Help Pyromancer cook his meat during 2nd encounter by giving him any fire card and he will give you another grilled meat.

Keep those 2 grilled meats and later floors you might get ambushed by Wandering King, He will accuse you of killing his companions and eating them, and fight you, win him to get his card.

No.5 Hierophant

Give him cash when he ask for ingredients, you might be able to choose ‘grotesque?’ with 70% success, and then ‘GROTESQUE?!’ with another 70% success, if you get both success, you will have his card.

No.6 Lovers

In the outside wall, you need to kill it at least 5 times to get the card, it will steal your bread but don’t mind it just kill it. Using a toxic bread will trigger it to escape so DO NOT use it unless you want to see the interaction.

No.7 Chariot

Does not need to be given any special item, just kill it 10 times, no matter a single counter or double counter with another enemy. But the trigger has to be in single encounter.

No.8 Strength

Use roasted meat in the treasure chest containing the beast.

No.9 Hermit

Help him cook his meat during first encounter, Hit him with any attack cards during second encounter, then defeat him to get his card.

No.10 Wheel of Fortune

Give him cash

No.11 Justice

Give him 15 pieces of bread.

No.12 Hanged Man

Use the puppet summon card on him after battle.

No.13 Death

  • Appear on Floor 5 (Check map)
  • His event Icon look like blackfog
  • He will kill one or both of your children.


  • Will you converse with death?
    • Yes. / No.
  • Will you really refuse to speak?
    • No I’ll speak. / Yes, even if it costs me my life.

Both children die.

  • Will you converse with death?
    • Yes / No
  • Are you fine with Children Dying?
    • Absolutely Not / I accept the Children’s Death

Both children die but you get death card

No.14 Temperance

  • Help her by taking on her misfortune cards twice during the first encounter.
  • You will need to take the first card fast in order for her to give you the second card.
  • Give her back both her misfortune, and 1 more misfortune card during 2nd encounter.
  • You can get ‘Puppet Summon’ card from her too.

No.15 Devil

Give him bread the first time. The second time, give him cash.

No.16 Tower

I got it from fighting him during a random encounter after getting through the 4th floor.

No.17 Star

I got it from doing the tower with ‘last children’ and encountering her.

No.18 Moon

From progressing story.

No.19 Sun

From progressing story.

No.20 Judgement

From progressing story.

No.21 World (Pure)

  • From defeating it using ‘Last Children’.
  • Depends on whether you believed in paradise.
  • Choose a mix of believe and don’t believe for all the questions.

No.22 World (Faithful)

  • From defeating it using ‘Last Children’.
  • Depends on whether you believed in paradise.
  • Choose believe for all options, and choose offer breads to god.

No.23 World (Skeptical)

  • From defeating it using ‘Last Children’.
  • Depends on whether you believed in paradise.
  • Choose don’t believe for all options, and choose eat all the breads.


If you are using the last children to climb tower, if you encounter mimic, choose ‘come with me’ when she asked, and she will instantly teleport you to last boss of the tower.

Do not piss her off or she will not talk to you again for that entire save file, even subsequent runs you will not be able to talk to her.

Huge Damage

  1. Chain 10 attack cards. e.g. swords for huge damage.
  2. Chain those ‘Seal’ cards in order, doesn’t matter which number you start at as long as you chain all 6 numbers, 0 to 5. The last card must be a card which deals damage.

E.g. if you chain from 0 > 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 5, where your 5 is a heal, use 0 again.

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