Anno 1800 – Tips to Manage Trade Between Islands

Trading Tips

  • Have more piers, dont put them all together, spread them surrounding your island, ships will try to use the 1 nearest to them.
  • Dont produce everything from other islands, allocate small area for local production even the main island, as long as they dont generate negative effect. Like wood / timber / work clothe.
  • Setup passive trade with third party trader, you dont need to produce everything by yourself, as long as you are generating good income, buy instead of produce yourself, setup trade with your trading posts. You have to know even you dont buy/sell, those traders will still come and use your harbour.
  • Use items that give + loading speed in ship / harbour.

This item is in grand gallery, defeat scenario with achievement get you scores, then purchase them, and finally use the button in trading post to bring them into your game.

  • Use shift, hidden feature to limit not to ship everything, normally when you setup trade, you click an island, will tell the ship to take 50 unit, but if you use shift, it become take as long as the island still have 50 unit.
  • Use 1 bigger ship to replace multiple smaller ships. good items are rare, you cant equip every schooner with epic/legendary items, if you have lesser but bigger ships, its easier to make the decision which 1 will get the bonus.
  • Use Ctrl-Q, to know your supply/demand per minute, ie in your main island, CTRL-Q, you need 15 unit of certain goods, then goto your production island, Ctrl-Q again, you need to produce at least 15, maybe over produce to up to 20, not 100.

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