ANIMAL WELL – God Mode Cheat (Infinite Health)

Hard work: if it is not for you, there are always cheats! This information is for those who just wanna cheat, but remember to do backup of your saves.

How to Get Infinite Health

Here is a cheat table code for infinite health! To use it, just copy the code and paste it into your Cheat Engine.

Open up the Cheat Engine, go to memory view, then tools, and choose auto assemble. Paste the code in there, and then assign it to your current cheat table.

aobscanmodule(INJECT,Animal Well.exe,28 87 B4 01 00 00)



mov al, 0
sub [rdi+000001B4],al
jmp return

jmp newmem


db 28 87 B4 01 00 00


Cheat Engine Table


All main fields should work as is, except for teleport which requires 2 steps atm.

If you want to teleport:

  • Enable address Finder
  • Enable teleport
  • Freeze X and/or Y (‘activate’ it)
  • Change value to any number
  • Unfreeze it after your character warped to another location in the room.


Lives, Savecount, Playtime, RoomID, Time Spent in room, Steps, Firecrackers, X/Y Address & X/Y Values.

If tele is not working, go to settings, scroll down and change freeze interval to 1ms (or some other low number).

I hope you found this useful!

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