Amid Evil – Cheat Codes

Tired of searching through all the list of cheats? Then this is the right for you! This is a simple, straightforward and easy to read guide to cheats for the Amid Evil game. Have fun!

A list of all the cheat codes you can type in while playing.

How to Enter Cheats

If you want enter the cheats, simply type in any code once a level has loaded to activate it, type again to deactivate. The codes are not case sensitive. The codes are reset at the end of the level. Cheat codes can disable achievements, so make a save before use if you care!

Cheat Codes

Character Cheats

  • God Mode, All Weapons, Infinite Ammo & Mana: AEOMEGA
  • God Mode: AEOMG
  • Fly Mode: AERO
  • Noclip Mode: AETHER
  • Invisibility Mode: AEYESORE
  • Kill Self: AESPLODE
  • Hurt Self: AEOUCH
  • Burp: AEURP
  • Full Mana: AEMAGE
  • Fill Soul Meter: AENIMA

Gameplay Cheats

  • Kill All Enemies: AEXTINCT
  • Freeze Enemies: AESTOP
  • Finish Level: AEHEH
  • Level Select: AELEON
  • Superspeed: AELIMPICS
  • Slowmo: AEON
  • Fast Weapons: AEXTREME
  • Torch Mode: AESEE

Items / Weapons Cheats

  • All Keys: AEVAIN
  • All Weapons: AEWARLOCK
  • All Weapons, Mana and Keys: AEWIZARD
  • All Powerups, Keys, Weapons, Mana, Health and Soul Points: AELPHA
  • Get Azure Orb: AEWEP2
  • Get Whispers Edge: AEWEP3
  • Get Voltride: AEWEP4
  • Get Celestial Claw: AEWEP5
  • Get Crystal Torment: AEWEP6
  • Get Aeturnum: AEWEP7

Game Mode Cheats

  • Vaporwave Mode: AESTHETIC
  • Max Post Processing: AETHEORY
  • CGA Pallete 1: AE1981
  • CGA Pallete 2: AE1982
  • CGA Pallete 3: AE1983
  • EGA Pallete: AE1989
  • VGA Pallete: AE1990
  • Full Color Pallete: AE2000
  • Hide Weapon Sprites: AEHIDE
  • Screenshot Mode: AESHOT
  • Select Music: AENDREW
  • Quit Game: AEBORT

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