AI War: Fleet Command – Cheat Codes (Console Commands)

Arcen Games, an independent game developer, produced the real-time strategy computer game AI War: Fleet Command. The goal is to destroy both AI opponents’ home planets.

How to Enable Console

You must activate the option to apply cheats while creating a new game. Once the chat window has shown, simply type in the desired cheat and hit ENTER once more. Cheats don’t care about case. If we’re being honest, nobody cares if you cheat because it will lower your score and ban you from online leaderboards.

Console Commands / Cheats

Base Game Cheats

Metal Head+100,000 Metal
Give Me K+10,000 Knowledge
Be Peaceful-100 AI Progress
Get Angry+100 AI Progress
Nuke Em+1 each of Mark I, II, and III Nuclear Warheads
Engies+10 Mark II Engineers
I Love Leeches+50 Core Leeches
Fight Or Flight+50 Mark IV Fighters
Bombs Away+50 Mark IV Bombers
Just Cruisin+50 Cruisers
Core Cruisin+50 Core Battle Cruisers
Energize+10 Zenith Power Generators
More More MoreRemove Ship Cap From All Units
Advanced Fat+1 Advanced Factory
Core of the Star+1 Core Starship
Activate the Omega+1 Omega Drive
Armor Em+5 Armored Missiles
Spawn Angry ColonistsTrigger Human Colony Rebellion On Current Planet, Enabling Rebellions If Previously Off
Spawn VagabondsTrigger Human Marauder Incursion On Current Planet, Enabling Marauders If Previously Off
Spawn The ConnersTrigger Human Resistance On Current Planet, Enabling Resistance If Previously Off
Send In The ClownsSpawns a Normal Cross Planet Attack With 1 Second Left On The Timer
Warp In The ClownsSpawns a Normal Wave With 1 Second Left On The Timer
We Like CarriersSpawns a MASSIVE Wave with 1 Second Left On The Timer
Pull The LeverSpawns a MASSIVE Cross Planet Attack With 1 Second Left On The Timer; use with caution, especially on difficulty 8+, as this will likely kill your framerate
Spawn Organic VagabondsSpawn Normal Marauders
Spawn Organic ResistanceSpawn Normal Resistance Fighters
Like Dynamiting Fish In A BucketSpawn Advanced Research Station under the control of the first AI
Military TakeoverSpawn Military Command Station, Thus Capturing The Planet Even If The AI Held It
Fog This!Change Fog of War To “Complete Visibility”
Better Than TrelawneyReveal Random AI Types
Gimme Absolutely Positively EverythingGet One Ship Of Every Type
Running With ScissorsRemove all AI Eyes from the game
Revenge Is Best Not ServedRemove all Counter-Attack Guard Posts from the game; this can cause some increase in freed AI ships
I c uCauses a tachyon pulse on the current planet
Did I break your concentrationCauses a 60 second EMP pulse on the current planet
cleanup aisle threeWipes the current planet

The Zenith Remnant Cheats

Busted Teensy+1 Broken Black Widow Golem
Teensy+1 Black Widow Golem
Busted Ohm+1 Broken Armored Golem
Ohm+1 Armored Golem
Busted Shinra+1 Broken Artillery Golem
Shinra+1 Artillery Golem
Busted Curse Me+1 Broken Cursed Golem
Curse Me+1 Cursed Golem
Busted Its A Troll+1 Broken Regenerator Golem
Its A Troll+1 Regenerator Golem
Busted And The Hegemon+1 Broken Hive Golem
And The Hegemon+1 Hive Golem
usted Zombie Bots+1 Broken Botnet Golem
Zombie Bots+1 Botnet Golem
Go Go Trade PactZenith Traders Warps To Current Planet, Enabling Traders If Previously Off
Spawn MinersTrigger Zenith Miners At Current Planet, Enabling Miners If Previously Off
Calling Mr MilesCreate Dyson Sphere At Current Planet
Invoke UnicronSpawn Zenith Devourer on Current Planet

Light of the Spire Cheats

I Do Not Have Time For ThisUse Testing Times — Which Are Much Shorter — For Fallen Spire
Impact Is Imminent+1 Of Each Asteroid Type On The Current Planet
Spirecraft To The Rescue+1 Of Each Spirecraft Type On The Current Planet
Fallen Friends Arise+1 Of Each Fallen Spire Military Vessel Type On The Current Planet

Special Cheat

ilostit,<shiptype>,<x>,<y>,<amount of ships>,<player owner>

  • Spawns ships of specified type, position, number and owner.
  • Players 0 to 7 are the 8 possible human players, players 8 and 9 are the two AI players.
  • As seen in patch 6.045, through examples ilostit,FighterII,-12300,6700,84,0 and ilostit,BomberII,-10300,4700,84,8
  • Shiptypes can be obtained from the exported reference file, or by checking filenames in the RuntimeData\Images\Ships folder
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