Age of Empires Mobile – Gear System Guide

Gear System Overview

New Gameplay System:

Gear. Equip your heroes with gears on different body parts, including the head, chest, hands, and legs, which are also available in rare, epic, and legendary qualities. Each gear piece offers unique basic attributes and effects that provide buffs in battle. Heroes can select gear that suits their unit type specialties.

Unlocking Conditions:

The gear system unlocks by default when you build a smithy during the Castle Age (Age III). Visit the smithy to forge your gear using blueprints with the help of the artisan’s expertise. Each gear starts with basic attributes and locked buff entries. By developing your gear, you can increase its attribute bonuses and unlock powerful combat buff entries.

Materials Acquisition:

Obtain blueprints, crafting materials, and further enhancement materials through the Island Tactics.

Acquisition Methods:

Depending on the blueprint type, you can forge a specific gear or forge to get a random one. Each attempt consumes 1 blueprint and particular materials and is guaranteed to succeed. You can check the forging interface for the detailed probabilities of random forging.


Develop your gear by upgrading, unlocking entries, and advancing its rank:

  • Upgrade: Use precision forging tools to increase gear levels and enhance basic attribute bonuses.
  • Unlocking Entries: Consume identical gear to unlock additional entries for powerful buffs after the gear has reached a certain level.
  • Rank Advancement: Use rare/epic/legendary magma/lightning crystals to enhance unlocked buffs.


Select any developed gear for free reforging, which will reset it to Lv.1 and lock all its entries and ranks. Refunded resources include all consumed precision forging tools, magma/lightning crystals, and identical gear. Reforging allows you to switch development focuses without penalties.


Dismantle gear to permanently erase it but reclaim all invested materials, including precision forging tools, magma/lightning crystals, and identical gear consumed. This process provides a substantial amount of precision forging tools for further gear upgrades.

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