Age of Empires Mobile – Daily To-Play List

What to Play in AoE Mobile Every Day?

Wondering what to play in Age of Empires Mobile every day? Here’s a list!

Citadel Construction

Manage queues in the lower left corner to quickly view construction, training, and logistics status. Keep all queues busy at all times to keep your development on pace.

Alliance Channel

Let your allies know that you have logged in and get updates on alliance member activities, alliance event progress, and instructions from alliance officers. Do your part to help!

Event Center

The event center has a variety of events waiting for you every day. Check the event calendar to see the schedule, then select the events you want to participate in.


  • Resource Point Gathering: Gather to get resources quickly. You can assign troops to gather every day before going offline.
  • Eliminate Barbarians: Eliminate roaming barbarians in the world. Eliminate them to get resources and items. You can search for barbarians of different levels near your citadel.
  • Plunder Other Governors: You can launch attacks against the citadels of other governors in the world. Win the battle to loot their resources that exceed their warehouse protection limit.

Recruit Heroes

Recruit heroes for free each day.

Battlefield Survivor

Claim idle rewards and clear more levels to claim more.


You can claim VIP points and VIP rewards every day.

Daily Quests

Complete daily quests to gain activity rewards.


You can challenge at the dock 3 times for free every day and win resources.

Check the Bulletin Board

Learn about the latest game news and community events.

Thank you for your time and I trust you found this little guide useful.

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