Age of Empires IV – Cheat Codes

The most common and useful cheat codes for the Age of Empires IV game can be found in this quick tutorial. This information is for those who simply want to cheat, but backup your saves first.

How to Activate Cheats

Remember that you can only use cheats in single-player games! Simply press Enter and type the code into the chat box.

The codes are not case sensitive.

The cheat option box before a custom game:

Note: As anticipated, using AoE 4 cheats will stop you from moving forward with tasks, achievements, and masteries.

Cheat Codes

Season #3

  • photon man – Spawns a Photon Man unit (Custom/Skirmish)
  • inna jiffy – Instantly build, research and produce units (Custom/Skirmish)
  • full meal deal – Grants player food (Custom/Skirmish/Campaign)
  • i have an app idea – Grants player gold (Custom/Skirmish/Campaign)
  • take it for granite – Grants player stone (Custom/Skirmish/Campaign)
  • knock on wood – Grants player wood (Custom/Skirmish/Campaign)
  • smorgasbord – Grants player 100,000 of all resources (Custom/Campaign)
  • i give up – Lose the game (Custom/Campaign)
  • it was known – Removes fog of war (Custom)
  • it is known – Reveals or hides map (Custom)
  • another round – Slows down simulation in scenario (Campaign)
  • another cup – Enables turbo mode in scenario (Campaign)
  • age me up scotty – Advance to the next age (Custom)
  • make it quick – Kills selected units and buildings (Custom)
  • anti-poke – Makes selected units and buildings invulnerable (Custom)
  • you monster – Kills all Gaia (Custom)
  • minimally minimal – Hides or shows UI (Custom/Campaign)
  • king size beds – Grants max population cap (Custom/Campaign)
  • at the core – Spawns one of each core unit (Custom)
  • big bad sheep – Turns sheep into wolves (Custom/Campaign)
  • out with the new – Replaces the attack notification from AoE II (Custom/Campaign)
  • one of us – Converts selected units (Custom)
  • this is fine – Sets selected buildings on fire (Custom)
  • zeleport – Teleports player’s selected units to cursor (Custom)

Season #4

  • minimally minimal – Hides all UI
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