Across the Obelisk – Merchant’s Dream and No Expense Spared Achievements Tips

This short guide contains some tips to get this achievements.

Tips to Obtain Merchant’s Dream and No Expense Spared Achievement

No Expense Spared Achievement

No Expense Spared is just having a Big Feast (most expensive) in the Owl Inn on the blue portal. It is just bringing 1400 gold.

Merchant’s Dream Achievement

You want to take your first portal to the green zone (the swamp) and then head directly south to the spider cave, to get across the water either take the bridge or pay the lizards for the hammer and nails (slime bait too if you want the slimey pet).

Once you get to the cave you’ll need to pass a group skill check of cards that cost 6 or more. You can auto succeed with Thuls and Zek. Highly recommend you have thuls as he can also lower the price for the boat supplies and bait too. At the first node in the cave, inspect the adventurer corpse and get a journal. Now go on and beat the zone.

Head to the blue zone (frozen elven kingdom) and head to the happy owl inn. Talk with the owner using the journal dialogue option. Then go beat the zone.

Once you’re in act four you don’t need to do much until after the twins boss. Head south after ascending the staircase to the colored runes and use the color combination taught to you by the happy owl owner. You’ll get the achievement and your reward.

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