007 Legends – Cheat Codes

A useful tutorial for using cheat codes to get hidden clothing and weaponry in 007 Legends game.

Cheat Codes

The effects listed below can be obtained by entering the corresponding codes from the Cheat Codes menu.


  • astr0b0y – Moonraker Suit.
  • qbranch3d – Acute Hearing / Long-Reach Gadgets.
  • g3tb0nd – Walther PPK / Fast-Switch Gadget.
  • v00d00f1sh – Play as Baron Samedi / Jaws.
  • au43v3r – Play as Goldfinger / Pussy Galore.


  • m00nlas3r – Moonraker Laser Mk2.
  • 13g3nds – Skyfall Mission, Eve, Patrice, Kowloon T-100, Tactical FSR.

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